Oil Slick is my first coffee-roasting business.  Late in 2012 I bought a gas-fired coffee roaster with a 1 kilogram capacity and installed it in our home in Alexandria, Virginia.  A few months later I bought a business license and by mid-summer of 2013 Oil Slick Coffee was selling coffee at a local farmer's market.  

My focus is on sharing single origin, specialty coffee, allowing you to experience the unique flavor characteristics imparted on the coffee by the local soil, local climate, local farm elevation, etc — everything that makes up the local terroir.  Terroir is what makes an Ethiopian coffee explode with hints of berries or a Sumatran coffee to be full of earthy, nutty flavors.  I enjoy exploring these differences and want to share that with you.  

When you browse through the online offerings, note that I provide several details about the coffee's origin that contribute to its uniqueness — details such as country of origin, coffee varietal, farm elevation, etc.  This helps inform you as a consumer and enjoy your coffee that much more.  

I also offer brewing techniques, gear reviews, and informative articles in my blog, all to help you advance your coffee experience as you like.  

Think of me as a partner in your coffee journey.