The core focus of this website has become information, which is contained in over 100 posts or articles I've written since 2011. You can see all of my posts in chronological order here, or organized by categories such as roasting, brewing, production, etc, or by keywords.


When I have training classes or events scheduled, you'll find that schedule on the training page, where you'll also find a bit of background about me and how I might help your organization advance their coffee game.


Of course I want to hear from you! If you have technical questions about a video I've made or an article I've written, fire away! You can also find links to all of my social network accounts on the contact page.


I set up this site to collect, organize and ultimately share information about coffee. I've found that by-and-large the coffee industry is very open, welcoming, and sharing and I aim to do the same by freely and openly sharing what I have learned. You can learn more about me and the resources I provide through this website here