HotTop Resources

I got my start in roasting on a HotTop electric roaster. I bought the roaster in 2011 and still enjoy it and use it at home often.

One of the reasons I enjoy it so much is that I was able to easily modify it. Some of the things I have done to modify my HotTop include:

For the big modifications I have written illustrated how-to guides to share how I did it (see full list below). In many cases there are other guides available from other authors and when I have used them, I reference them.

I also have articles in which I discuss techniques I use with the HotTop, such as avoiding the flick and crash.

On my YouTube channel I have also posted several videos in which I talk specifically about the HotTop, or I roast coffee using the HotTop and talk about the process as I go.

Below is a list of all my blog articles tagged with “HotTop.”