Change Is Brewing

The time has come to again announce a big change at Oil Slick.  In just a few short weeks we’ll be moving to Singapore and pausing online retail sales of coffee in the U.S.

Why the move?  My wife Marie was offered a new position at work and her new stomping grounds will be a large chunk of Asia based in Singapore.  For me, this means getting very close to coffee production as there are several producing countries in the region (Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos to name a few) and I also hope to get exposed to coffee import/export as well.

What about Black Betty?  I won’t be able to take the roaster with me immediately but one of the options would be to have it shipped later, if I can find space for it.  But I’m also trying to sell it.  If I can get enough money for it, I could use that money to buy a roaster in Singapore.  One hurdle I’ll have is the power mains in Singapore are 230V versus 110V here in the U.S.

How will we keep in touch?  I’m so glad you asked because I want to stay in touch with all of you.  The blog, Twitter account, and newsletter are all going to stay and remain active.

Can I get more coffee before you go? Absolutely!  I’m running a special to get rid of as much as possible — free shipping until it’s all gone or I have to shut down the roaster, which is just a couple weeks away at most.  I’ve already sold a lot of the beans in their green, un-roasted state to another roaster but I still have a lot of the Mexican, which was my most recent purchase.  This coffee is a bright, Central American coffee with hints of caramel and chocolate balanced by the brightness of green grapes.


Michael C. Wright

Michael is a licensed Q Grader, licensed Q Processor Pro, an Authorized SCA Trainer (AST), and most recently, a graduate with a degree in horticulture and a concentration in horticultural business management. He has over ten years experience in the coffee industry operating on both the supply and demand sides of the value chain.