Legislators in Hawaii Push Change For Kona Labelling

Updated January 1, 2018

Update: the bill failed to pass the state Senate.

From DCN:

The newest bill was introduced to the State Senate late last week, passing its first reading on Jan. 25. Introduced by Sen. Russell Ruderman, with co-sponsorship from Sens. Will Espero and Maile Shimabukuro, the bill follows a similar House bill from last year’s session that would require blended coffee products marketed and labeled with Hawaiian regional names such as Kona, Maui and Ka’u be composed of at least 51 percent of coffees from those regions.

In my opinion it would be better to require the coffee to be labeled “Kona Blend” rather than “Kona Coffee.”

At least Hawaii is fighting to keep the geographical indicator alive. I fear Indonesia is letting the Kintamani Arabica Coffee GI die a quick and early death by neglect.

You can follow the progress of this bill using the following links:



Updated January 1, 2018: Bill failed

Michael C. Wright

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