Book Of Requirements

The Book of Requirements (BoR) is an essential document required to obtain protection of a Geographical Indicator in Indonesia.   Information contained in the BoR includes1:

  • The name of the Geographical Indication that is filed for registration;
  • The type of goods covered by the Geographical Indication;
  • The description of the specific characteristic and the quality which allows the objective differentiation of the product from other products of the same category through characteristics conferred to the product by its origin, with the description of the geographical environment and with the inherent natural and human factor which have an effect on quality or characteristic of the products;
  • The boundaries and/or map of the area that is protected by the Geographical Indication;
  • A description of the history and tradition in relation to the using of Geographical Indication to designate the goods in that area including a description of the recognition by the relevant public of the Geographical Indication;
  • The description of the production process explained in such a way so as to allow any producer within the region to produce the given product on the basis of the information given in the specification;
  • A description of the method used to control the goods as well as measures taken to ensure the traceability of a good;
  • The specific labeling details to be used relating to the Geographical Indication.

1. Establishment of Geographical Indication Protection System in Indonesia, Case In Coffee, 2009, Mawardi, pp. 12 - 13