Coffee Variety: S795

S795 (Selection-795) is an important cultivar because it is one of the first strains of rust-resistant arabica1.

It is a selection of the Balehonnur Coffee Research Station in India and it originated from a natural hybrid between C. arabica and C. liberica known as S288 and the Kent cultivar, a hybrid of typica and an unknown other type2.  Both S288 and the Kent cultivar are known to be resistant to many rust races and the Kent cultivar is a high-yielding tree.  The resultant S795 cultivar exhibits rust resistance, high yield, and a good cup profile, making it a highly desirable cultivar.

In Indonesia, it is commonly referred to as Jember because it was supplied by the Jember Coffee Research center in Surabaya.

In India, it represents 25-30% of the acreage of arabica coffee3.

s795 tree s795 tree

S795 is a member of the Linie S line of Indonesian subspecies bred specifically for resistance to the coffee leaf rust disease4.

I’ve seen S795 also written as S.795 and S-795.

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