I am an Authorized Specialty Coffee Association Trainer (AST) and can train and certify students in the following SCA modules:

  • Introduction To Coffee
  • Barista Skills (up to Intermediate level)
  • Sensory Skills (up to Professional level)
  • Roasting Skills (up to Professional level)

In addition to official SCA certification, I can provide customized training for various types of organizations and individuals. For example, in the past, I have taught a Seed To Cup program to culinary students at the Art Institute of Washington in Arlington, Virginia. I have also taught basic brewing techniques to customers of a cafe in Jakarta, Indonesia. I have also lead classes in origin, for local baristas who have never visited a coffee farm.

Educational origin trip in Bali
Photo: @CaffeineDispensary

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Real-world Perspective

kopi tubruk competition

I lived in South East Asia for eight years, within close proximity to several producing countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, etc. Living so close allowed me to visit frequently and continue to learn, first-hand, what it means to produce coffee.

In many cases, I have volunteered my time and skills as a Q Grader to evaluate farmer’s coffee and provide valuable feedback on how to improve their process. Such intimate relationships with coffee farmers have helped expand my appreciation of what it takes to produce a truly unique and delicious coffee. It is important for cafe’s and coffee professionals in developed, non-producing countries to have a clear understanding of what it takes to produce coffee in developing nations, especially by small-holder farmers.

Michael with coffee professionals in Padang, Indonesia

I also own a small coffee business and know first-hand what it means to be responsible for making, marketing, and selling a product.

All of these experiences have helped to shape my perspective on the coffee world and guide me towards my end-goal, which is to help others find great coffee.

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