How To: Minimally Automate Artisan

Even if you don’t want to or can’t automate your roast via Artisan, there are tasks you can have Artisan perform to improve your experience.

Automatically Start Recording

I routinely charge my roaster with beans above 400°F as measured by my bean temp (BT) probe. Therefore, I’ve configured an alarm in Artisan to start recording at 390° so that I don’t have a long recording before the charge and also so that I don’t forget to start recording before I’ve loaded the roaster (I’ve done this before and its frustrating).

That rule looks like this:

Note 401°F Environmental Temp

I like to take note when my environmental temp (ET) reaches 401°*. For this I have an alarm that triggers an event button. The button simply marks the event. The alarm is configured like this:

Event button #1 for me looks like this:

Automatically Stop Recording

To avoid big long tails on my roasts when I forget to stop recording, I simply have Artisan stop recording 30 seconds after I’ve clicked the “drop” button.

Even if you don’t want to or can’t automate the control of your roaster, there are still several things you can automate within Artisan, which will make your roasting process easier. And with the HTRI micro-controller paired with Artisan, roast automation becomes very easy.

For more on automating Artisan and improving the quality of information captured in your roast profile, watch my video on buttons and alarms:

Michael C. Wright

Michael is an American expat living in Southeast Asia where he writes about many things coffee-related. A roaster by trade, Michael is also a licensed Q Grader, licensed Q Processor Pro, an Authorized SCA Trainer (AST), and most recently: a student pursuing a degree in horticulture.