Ulian Project: Improve Processing Technique

Project Status:Complete
Parent Project:Kintamani Coffee Quality Improvement

Update January 4, 2018: This project completed in September of 2015. For more details on how it ended, see the post titled Mill Project In Bali Complete.

The Book of Requirements lists the steps necessary to follow in the washed process to produce coffee that qualifies for the GI “Kintamani, Bali Kopi Arabika.”

Beginning with harvest year 2015, all steps will be implemented. To achieve this, a new washing station is being built with the water storage capacity and drying capacity to handle the requirements placed on a full harvest of the entire Subak — roughly 60 tonnes.

Improving post-harvest processing will directly improve cup cleanliness by removing unripe and overripe cherries as well eliminating or removing various defects that can be created by poor processing, such as poorly adjusted pulping machines, improper fermentation techniques, etc.

washed processing

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