Coffee Sustainability

I used to think sustainability was merely environmental sustainability but over the years I have learned that it also includes social and environmental sustainability. It’s also something that has to be producer-centric because producers are part of the foundation of the entire value-chain.

Below I have tried to organize everything I have published as I explore the idea of sustainability:


The following articles I consider foundational for understanding sustainability. The industry has developed a number of certifications used to convey information to consumers and several of these programs are now mature enough for us to evaluate their effectiveness and possibly improve them. I’ve written specifically about a couple of the certifications.

Ethical Trade
Ethical Consumption
Fair Trade Coffee
Why Fair Trade Has Failed Coffee Producers
Sustainable Coffee: Organic Coffee
Coffee Should Be More Expensive, Or Not
Producers’ Optionality
Antifragile Coffee Farms
Balinese Coffee; Where To From Here

The World Coffee Producer's Forum

In July of 2017, I attended the first annual World Coffee Producer’s Forum. The primary focus of the forum was sustainability—in all its forms—of coffee production. Producers from forty different producing countries were present and their contribution to the forum was incredibly valuable.

World Coffee Producers Forum, Day 1
Bill Clinton Knows A Thing Or Two About Coffee
Determining the Price Of Green Coffee
Considering Competition Among Farmers

A YouTube playlist of all vlogs I did while at the forum:

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